Top Commercial Construction Trends to Watch in 2019

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Commercial construction takes quite a bit of time to get from vision to completion, so if you are thinking about a new project that will take you into 2019, it could prove helpful to have an understanding about trends that have affected 2018 and are expected to continue into 2019. Here are the things you should think about so that you will have a head start on planning your commercial construction project.

stay on top of commercial construction trends

  • Green Commercial Construction Trends – It might seem like thinking about being environmentally responsible in an industry that accounts for a big percentage of global emissions is a dream at best. However, there are materials and techniques that can be incorporated into your commercial construction project that can be resource efficient to minimize the impact to our environment.
  • Rising Material Costs – Construction materials have been on the increase for several months, with a jump of roughly 10% in the past year. The speculation is that 2019 will continue to bring increases, but hopefully at a lower rate than we have been seeing. Nevertheless, to keep your commercial construction costs as low as possible, consider getting started with your project as early as you feasibly can. It would seem that many industries are taking note of this as the commercial construction pipeline is reaching record highs in many industries.
  • Technology – Nobody can deny that technology has been at the forefront of change for many industries. That is also true in commercial construction, so you can expect to see advancements in construction technologies that can mean big changes in how your project is completed. Furthermore, you’ll want to be sure to allow for expansion and flexibility in your building, such as going above the code regulations for power management if you are planning an office building.

Here at KMD Construction, LLC, we are forward thinking and stay on top of commercial construction trends, so we can offer our customers the best possible results. If you are considering a project for 2019, it is definitely not too early to talk to us. You can also call us regarding modernizing and remodeling your current building.