1. Responsibilities:
a) Be on time for work each day and ready to start work at specified time.
b) Encouraging team work and providing a positive work manner
c) Ensuring quality control

  • 1) Have a “Make sure we do the job right the first time” attitude
  • 2) Point out any defects in work to superintendent
  • 3) Take care and pride your in workmanship.

d) Safety

  • 1) Work safely and always be aware of your surroundings
  • 2) Inspect tools and cords daily for safety infractions
  • 3) Know where the MSDS book is kept

e) Customer relations

  • 1) Promote friendly, business like relationships between KMD Construction, LLC employees and our subcontractors, owners and local officials.

2. Dress and attitude:

  • a) Long pants, shirts and hard shoes shall be worn at all times. No torn, stained, or profane language on clothing shall be worn on site.
  • b) Respect and courtesy shall be used in all situations. Be courteous and be professional with a “lets get the job done” attitude.

3. Cleanliness:

  • a) Employee shall keep his work area clean and organized at all times
  • b) Clean your work area before you leave each day or when each task is complete.
  • c) Enforcement of job site cleanliness of subcontractors. Inform superintendent of debris from subcontractors

4. Tools:

  • a) Carpenters shall have all hand tools required to complete their duties. Carpenters shall have at least the following Skill Saw- Battery drill- Level- Tool belt with hand tools- Squares- Chisels- Screw drivers- and wrenches.
  • b) All blades, bits and heavy duty tools will be supplied.
  • c) Employees are responsible for their own tools as well as Company tools.
  • d) Tools lost, stolen or broken due to employee negligence shall be charged to employee.